Tribe, I’m home.

As a kid from Cleveland, the Indians are probably the most near and dear team to my heart. I can remember my first time going to Jacob’s Pavilion to a game with my father and grandfather. I remember the heat and the cheers and the overwhelming cheers. I also remember how much time we spent there, just sitting, and watching. We ate crackerjack and hot dogs, just me and my tribe.

There’s been a lot of tension lately regarding health and politics. Even in the light of all these challenges I have a tribe to call my own. My family was my first tribe and gave me my first lessons in how to operate as a tribe, even through distance and disappointments.

Here at Little Creators, I am now building a new tribe. The first to join my team was Karen Shepherd. She joined as board secretary and my encouragement. Next, Ronald Varner joined as our board treasurer. Who knew that people would actually want to serve on an unpaid, nonprofit board with me?

Together we have been able to dictate short-term and long-term goals for Little Creators. We have shared our stories, building connections, hoping to make a change in Cleveland.  This new tribe has inspired all our leaders. We are few, but we are mighty. 

“Showing up is half the battle.” Being present is the other half. Having people in your tribe that not only show up, but show out is essential. At a previous event, Karen ended up leading our yoga session. She was new to the organization and I wasn’t sure she would even show up, but she showed me more than I expected. She heard my call and she answered.

We are growing slowly at Little Creators, but we are certainly growing and with certain intention. We are looking for the strong in spirit and the passionate in heart. We may not look like your typical nonprofit or your run-of-the-mill early learning program, but what we don’t seem like on the outside, we more than make up for on the inside. We’re not sure where the future will lead us, however will continue to build our tribe from the inside out.

Go Team,

Mr. Robert Bell